At MINDO COFFEE TOUR, our experts will guide you through the gourmet coffee cycle.

Process of growth

Start this journey in our nursery and follow these small grains in their process of growth, careful collection and selection.
Discover how the unique climate and terrain features offered by Mindo combine to create the perfect conditions for growing the best coffee beans.

Process of toasting artisan

Then follow the irresistible aroma that flourishes in our process of toasting artisan where you will discover how different techniques of roasting influence the grain and its flavor.
We will reveal the toasting and packaging secrets that allow us to bring the best Mindo coffee from the plantation to your cup!

Learn how the experts "break the cup"

Learn how the experts "break the cup" and use techniques to taste coffee, identify and qualify their characteristics to consider coffee as truly "gourmet" type.
When you finish, savor the coffee drink of your dreams and enjoy the incomparable flavor of coffee produced in the cloud forest of Mindo.
You can also buy this rich coffee, as well as handmade crafts made with coffee seeds.